HYMN 405

O.t.H. 229 C.M. (FE 428) 
"Thy word were found and I 
did eat them" - Jer. 15:16

1.  THE Bible everlasting book

     Who knows Thy deep secrets?

     Your beginning on earth who knows? 

     And who can Thy end know?

2.  The secrets of the God of heaven

     Ambassador from heaven

    The sword that kill‘d the sting of death

    God‘s own image divine.

3.  A book indeed among thousands 

    A book of ancient days

    Thou made salvation way so plain 

    To all makind on earth.

4.  The treasure of the Three-in-One 

     The blessed Trinity

     Do, interpret Thyself to me

     And all my doubts dispel.

5.  Thy pages I’ll open with pray’r

     To learn Thy doctrine Lord

     The everlasting Book divine

     Show me the Saviour’s love.  Amen

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