HYMN 408

H.C. 268 t.H.C. 239 C.M
“Thy status have been my songs in 
the house of my pilgrimage" - Ps. 119:54

1.  FATHER of mercies, in Thy word 

     What endless glory shines!

     For ever be Thy name adored 

     For these celestial lines.

2.  Here springs of consolation rise 

     To cheer the fainting mind

     And thristy souls receive supplies, 

     And sweet refreshment find.

3.  Here the Redeemer’s welcome voice 

     Spread heavenly peace around

     And life and everlasting joys

     Attend the blissful sound.

4.  Oh may these heav'nly pages be 

     My ever dear delight
     And still new beautitudes may Lord,

     Daily my light increase.

5.  Divine Instructor, gracious Lord, 

     Be Thou for ever near:

     Teach me to love Thy sacred word, 

     And view my Saviour there.  Amen

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