HYMN 409

(FE 430) C.M.S 299, t.H.C 233 L.M
“And there I will meet with them, and
I will commune with thee from above 
the mercy seaT. - Exd. 25:22

1.  FROM every stormy wind that blows 

     From every swelling tide of woes 

     There is a calm, a sure retreat

     ‘Tis found beneath the mercy-seal.

2.  There is a place where Jesus sheds 

     The oils of gladness on our heads 

     A place than all beside more sweet

     It is the blood-stain’d mercy-seat.

3.  There is a spot where spirits blend

     And friend holds fellowship with friends 

     Though sunder’d far by faith they meet 

     Around one common mercy-seat.

4.  Ah, whither could we flee for aid? 

     When tempted, desolate, dismay’d? 

    Or how the hosts of hell defeat 

    Had suffering saints no mercy‐seat!

5.  There, there on eagle wing we soar

     And time and sense seem all no more 

     And heaven comes down pour souls 

    to greet 

     And glory crowns the mercy-seat.  Amen

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