HYMN 410

C.M.S 301, H.C 276. C.M
“The eyes of the Lord are upon the 
righteous and his ears are open 
unto their cry” - Ps. 34:15

1.  THERE is an eye that never sleep 

     Beneath the wing of night 

     There is an ear that never shut 

     When sink the beams of light.

2.  There is an arm that tires not 

     When human strenght gives, way 

    There is a love that never fail 

    When earthly loves decay.

3.  That eye is fix’d on Seraph throngs 

     That arm upholds the sky

     That ear is fill’d with angel songs 

     That love is throned on high.

4.  But there's pow'r, which man can wield

     When mortal aid is vain

     That eye, that arm, that love to reach 

     That list’ning ear to gain.

5.  That pow’r is pray’r, which soars on high 

     Through Jesus to the throne

     And moves the hand, which moves

     the world,

     To bring salvation down.

6.  Thou whose endless mercies abound 

      Whose love can never die

      Grant us true faith and perfect love

      Pra‘erfully we may be.  Amen

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