HYMN 416

(FE 439) C.M.S 531 C.H. t.H.C 145 7s 
“And ye shall seek me and find me 
when ye shall search for me with all
your heart” - Jer. 29:13

1.  JESUS, Lord we comeThee

     At Thy feet we humbly kneel 

     Despise not our petition

     Ah! shall we seek Thee in vain?

2.  In the way you choose for us, 

     We are seeking Thee this hour 

     O Lord,we shall not depart 

     Until Thou will bless us all.

3.  Send a message in Thy word 

     That gives joy unto our hearts 

     May Thy spirit here bestow 

     Forgiveness to all hearts.

4.  Let us seek Thee and find Thee 

      As a benevolent God

      Heal the sick, set captives free 

      Let us all rejoice in Thee.  Amen

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