HYMN 419

(FE 442)
C.M.S 540 t.H.C 289. C.M.
“My son, give me thine heart"
 - Pro. 23:26

1.  ACCEPT my heart just as it is

     Set up Thy throne therein

     That I love Thee more than the world

     And live for The alone.

2.  Complete Thy work, Jesus my Lord 

     Faithful, Lord, may I be

     That I may hear Thy voice, my Lordd 

     That is so full of love.

3.  The voice that teaches Thy will and

     Tells what l ought to do

     That makes me feel ashamed when l 

     Fail to walk in Thy path.

4.  Grant that I know these teachings Lord 

     That come direct fromThee

     First, teach me to yield to Thy voice,

     And Thy word of wisdom.  Amen

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