HYMN 421

C.M.S 539 t.H.C 154 C.M (FE 444) 
"Let not those who seek that be 
confounded" - Ps. 69:6

1.  OH! How we Thine people oh Lord 

     Bow down before Thine feet 

     Thine abundant mercies O! Lord

     Is all and all our trust.

2.  Thine judgement dreadful awful 

     Revealeth all Thine power

     Yet our nation by mercy is saved 

     And all by faith we pray.

3.  God by what merit art we saved 

     We all wretched ingrates

     Thine warnings let us hark we plead 

     When Thine mercies abound.

4.  Our wickedness of great degree 

     Overwhelming our land 

     Wickedness of our land so great 

     Behold how great it is.

5.  Oh Lord we plead Thee just by grace 

     May all our souls repent

     May we unto Thine Word harken 

     And Thine face may we seek.  Amen

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