HYMN 423

C.M.S 532 C.H 266 t. H.C 322 C.M 
(FE 446) 
“Thy will be done" - Matt. 26:42

1.  THE time of morning and of joy

     In thine stock do all lay

     My comfort from Thine hand doth 

     come In Thine command forth go.

2.  If Thou will from me to retrieve 

     I shall never be crossed

     When all yet I nay doth possess 

     All but Thine possession.

3.  Nay not ever will I blaspheme 

     If the earth fly away 

     Eternal joy I shall all seek

     From Thee and Thee alone.

4.  The earth and its fullness of nought 

     All but bitter savour

     Much as I would the flower to reap 

     But Thorn all that I met.

5.  Perfect joy nay is here to find 

     Honey ladden with gall

     Amidst all changing tides of life 

     Be Thou my all in all.  Amen

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