HYMN 424

C.S.M 537 T.C.H 51 L.M (FE 447) 
"For the word of God is quick, and 
powerful" - Heb.4:12

1.  MAY the door of target unmissed 

     Open unto our work oh Lord 

     Forever opened nay to close

     The door of entrance of Thine word.

2.  With the flame their lips lead aright

     WhoThine statutes to earth reveal

     With Thine Holy love fill their hearts

     The Godly love and love for men.

3.   To Thine servant the zeal endue

      Burning zeal that can ne‘er grow cold

      Farther as they spread on Thy word

      Bless them in all knowledge and works.

4.  Send forth Thy Spirit from above

     Lest Thine strength diminish nor cease

     Never till all hatred shall cease

     And till grudges and strives shall end.  Amen

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