HYMN 426

C.M.S 302 H.C 278 7s. 6s (FE 449)
"Ye have received the Spirit of adoption, 
whereby we cry, Abba, Father" - Rom. 8:15

1.  UNCREATED Fount of light 

     Glory without shade of night 

     Everlasting, infinite

     Holy Father, hear us.

2.  Well of life that ever flows

     Life more pure than stainless snows 

     Life in calm serens repose

     Holy Father hear us.

3.  Blessed One, whose name is love 

     Pleads with Thee Thy Son above 

     Broads o'er Thy hovering Dove 

     Holy Father, hear us.

4.  Round about Thy sapphire throne 

     Shines the rainbow's emerald zone 

     Breathing heavenly peace alone

     Holy Father, hear us.

5.  There before Thy mercy-seat 

     Saints in light and angels meet 

     Yet behold us at Thy feet 

    Holy Father, hear us.

6.  Thou, whose deep companions yearn 

     For the prodigal's return

     And his far-off steps discern

     Holy Father, hear us.

7.  Aching beams that long for rest 

     Wilder'd souls by doubt opress’d 

     Babes that crave a parents breast 

     Holy Father, hear us.

8.  All have some great gift to seek 

     Hungered, thirsty weary weak

      All have wants no words can speak 

     Holy Father, hear us.

9.  Is not Thy paternal board

     With all royal bounties stored 

     Priceless, countless, unexplored? 

     Holy Father, hear us.

10. Thy holy Son spareth not 

      Thy only and sacred Son

      Till sacred task accomplish’d 

      Holy Father hear us.  Amen

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