1.  THE heav’nly host are all astir 

The angels take up their harps 

The saints all set with their voices 

To Join the glorious day

Heav‘n is fill'd with Joyful noises 

How delightful their worship.

2.  Let us join with the heav’nly throng 

To praise God, He is our King

Let us cleanse and prepare our hearts 

And sing with holy voices

Ours can only be a foretaste

Of their rest in heav'n above 

Until we see the Lord our God 

Whom we worship face to face.

3.  And until then, let us go on 

Worshipping on the Lord’s day 

Let’s set aside our anxious cares 

Invoke His presence midst us

He has commanded so to do

His blessings He will bestow

Let us serve Him without fainting 

He will surely reward us.  Amen

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