HYMN 443

K. 333 t.H.C 391. 8s 7s (FE 467) 
“The Lord is my Shepherd" - Ps. 23:1

1.  JESUS Saviour is my Shepherd 

     Then, fear and distrust remove 

     From the lion and the wild bear 

     And from wild and evil beasts 

     Jesus will guard his lonely sheep 

     Jesus will care for His own.

2.  Satan nearly o'er power’d me 

     Jesus said, ‘this is my sheep'

     He died in order to save me

     Jesus, what great love is this?

     With Jesu, victory is sure

     There's nought Him can overcome.

3.  He leads me in theway of Life 

     Near the gently flowing stream

     He makes me test In green pastures 

     Where pois'nous weeds do not grow 

     There I hear the voice of Jesus 

     There He makes my heart rejoice.

4.  When I walk the valley of death 

     And there’s fear along my way 

     I shall not fear any evil

     For my Shepherd is so near

     His rod and staff they comfort me

     For they make His sheep rejoice.  Amen

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