HYMN 449

K.III. t.H.C (FE 474) S.M 
“Fear not, for I am with thee”
- Gen. 26:24

1.  GIVE to the winds thy fears

     Hope, and be undismayed

     God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears 

     God shall lift up thy head.

2.  Through waves, and clouds, and storms 

     He gently clear thy way

     Wait thou His times: so shall this night 

     Soon end in joyous day.

3.  Still heavy is thy heart?

     Still sink thy spirit down?

     Cast off the weight, let fear depart 

     Bid every care be gone.

4.  What though thou rulest not?

     Yet heav’n, and earth, and hell 

     Proclaim, God sitteth to the throne 

     And ruleth all things well!  Amen

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