HYMN 453

t.H.C 271 (2nd Tune) (FE 478) Ps. 43:5
Tune: lja Dopin

1.  CHRIST Jesus, Saviour, l, Behold 

Weary am I and groaning too

Here I come, Thee to rest upon 

Thou art my rest.

2.  Gaze upon me exausted am I

The journey father, beyond me

Thine helping strength by grace I seek 

Thou art my strength.

3.  Along my path am sore distressed 

Darkness and storm engulfed the dusk 

Beam to my path Thine shinning light 

Thou art my light.

4.  When satan's arrows hence is shot 

Nay scary, Thou I look upon

Thine sacred cross my protection 

Thou art my peace.

5.  Lonely am I at Jordan's shore

Striving, tensely fighting as of old

Would Thou permit me all to see

Thou art my life.

6.  For all my needs, Thou shall provide 

In every wise unto the end

In life, in death and evermore 

Thou art my all.  Amen

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