HYMN 459

C.H. t.H.C 150 C.M (FE 484)
“Hinder me not" - Gen. 24:56

1.  IN all ways chosen by the Lord 

     My journey will I go 

     Prevent me not ye holy men

     I will follow thee there.

2.  lf Jesus moves in the furnance 

     I will follow Him there

     Prevent me not will be my word 

     If the world oppose me.

3.  ln adoration, temptation

     With Thy Command I'll go

     Prevent me not, for I Will go 

     Unto Emmanuel.

4.  And when my Saviour shall call me 

     And still my cry shall be

     Prevent me not death is coming 

     I will follow with joy.  Amen

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