HYMN 462

C.M.S 180 t.H.C 161 tabi 
42 L.M (FE 487)
“Walk before me and be thou 
perfect” - Gen 17:1

1.  BY faith, I crave to walk with God 

     The end of my jouney is heaven 

     “Thy rod and staff, they comfort me"

     The way Thou has pav'd is the best.

2.  Amidst great wilderness I walk 

     Where many souls have lost their way 

     But He that leads me on the way 

     Will not my foot allow to stray.

3.  Amidst dangers and snares I walk

     Earth and hell against me arrayed 

     Through Thy great power I have

     gone through by faith alone, vict’ry l have.

4.  To the boasters my pity share 

     Of fleeting pleasures of this life

     Oh, Jesus, with Thee let me walk

     My Lord, my Saviour and my friend.  Amen

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