SS 364 (FE 64)
"Have mercy on us O Lord thou Son 
of David" - Matt. 20:30

1.  IS THERE a sinner awaiting

     Mercy and pardon to-day

     Welcome the news that we bring him: 

     "Jesus is passing this way!

     Coming in love and in mercy

     Pardon and peace to bestow,

     Coming to save the poor sinner

     From his heart anguish and woe. 

Chorus:  Jesus is passing this way

              To-day, To-day

              While He is near, O believe him 

              Open your heart to rereive Him 

              For Jesus is passing this way 

              Is passing this way today.

2.  Brother, the Master is waiting, 

     waiting to freely forgive

     Why not this moment accept him 

     Trust in his grace and live?

     He is so tender and precious 

     He is so near you today

     Open your heart to receive Him 

     While He is passing this way.

Chorus:  Jesus is passing...

3.  Yes, He is coming to bless you 

     While in contrition you bow 

     Coming from sin to redeem you 

     Ready to serve you now

     Can you refuse the salvation 

     Jesus is offering you here? 

     Open your heart to admit Him 

     While He is coming so near. 

Chorus:  Jesus is passing...  Amen

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