HYMN 475

H.C 601 8s 7s (FE 501)

1.  FROM claws of leopard and lion 

     From all beastly animals

     Please guard the fold of Seraphim 

     And the fold of Cherubim

     From all the stormy tides about 

     And where shall we go hiding 

     Oh Father don’t leave us alone 

     Conquer Lucifer for us.

2.  There is no alternative way

     More preferable to this

     Lets remain blind to earthly things 

     Looking on treasures above

     Do not let the world draw us back 

     Far away out of your way

     In sorrows and tribulations 

     WithThee I’ll always remain.

3.  A reward of glorious crown will 

     For the true worshippers be 

     Always ready to protect you

     I am the Invisible

     But l come in glory and might

     I can kill and can redeem

     Be to me fearless gospellers 

     Glorious reward thou may earn.

4.  It is eternal love we seek

     For all the folds together

     Fight Victoriously and surmount 

     ln this world of sin and heaven 

     But there's temptation in heaven 
     But what then will it be like 

     Hearing that you were a Seraph 

     But now you have retreated.

5.  Whatever decrees I pass out

     Do not change it with your sense 

     One who believes not in visions 

     Could be likened to some one

     Who built his house on the sea shore 

     The tide came and swept it off

     Do not think that its your power 

     That did not let me leave you.

6.  Jesus is ready to save you

     He‘s full of merry and love

     Make sure you are completely save 

     Don't have faith in something else 

     The echoing of your own name

     ls heard through out the heaven 

     Shout halleluyuh to the Lord 

     Adore him prustraling down.

7.  Glory be to the Father above 

     Let glory be to His Son

     The everlasting trinity

     We humbly adore your name 

     Do not allow this our meeting 

     Be vanity at the end

     Mercifully watch our gathering 

     So we'll be meeting ever.  Amen

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