HYMN 478

(FE 504)
Tune: “Je ka layo ninu Jesu”

1.  OH God Thou art my power and strenght 

     Forever will I loveThee

     Thou art my divine guide and protection 

     In the time of my wants and needs.

2.  In the time of pain and sorrow

     I plead of Thee, Thine grace 

     Harken to my supplication oh God 

     From Thine Holy abode above.

3.  And in Thy honour and glory

     Thou dist ride on Cherubim

     On the flying wings of Thy gentle breeze 

     Thou art flying around, around.

4.  Thou hast cast me on spacious plain 

     In liberty me to gain

     Thus He spareth and me He protecteth 

     He is satisfactory in me.

5.  Crystal clear is the way of God

     His word liveth and yet sound

     Those who tread the perfect way of the Lamb 

     Protection divine is assured.  Amen

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