HYMN 480

10s 11s (FE 506)
Tune: E wole f’Oba ologo julo

1.  WHEN wild storm enrage and fright is abound 

     When all friends desert and all foes arose

     Whatever comes my way, I shall not be moved

     Often His promises, the Lord will provide.

2.  The birds doth not toil yet their meat is found

     This a lesson be, unto us all, men 

     His beloved shall not, ever be in want 

     Thus it is so written, the Lord will provide.

3.  When satan obstruct us within our path 

     And fright is about prevailing our faith 

     The statement of faith canst from, our hears

     be erased

     The promise of love is, the Lord will provide.

4.  It's oft not of power, nay not of our works 

     The name of Jesus is out only trust 

     Cherubim, Seraphim do not ere retreat 

     While striving further on, the Lord will provide.

5.  When death come calling and the soul depart 

     Thy words of comfort, our breakthrough 

     shall bring 

     When Christ Jesus dwells with, us we fear 

     no more

     And we shall thus chorus, the Lord will provide.

6.  Glory to Father, glory to the Son

     Glory be to the Blessed Trinity

     By the Power of Creator, of Heaven and earth 

     Our Jehovah Jireh, the Lord will provide.  Amen

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