HYMN 484

H.C 366 8s. 7s (FE 510)
Tune: 8s 7s Oba ti ki ye majemu"

1.  OH Lord harken to the barren 

Like Thou hark unto Hannah 

Let not our faith be put to shame 

WeThine faithful ones below. 

Chorus:  Harken to me (2ce)

That I  may not ever grief. 

2.  Thou who harkened to Eliz'beth 

Amidst haters and mockers 

Birth of John to her a succour 

Saying weep not child again.

Chorus:  Give me succor (2ce)

Before all my enemies. 

3.  Remember Thine promise of old 

And Thy blessing to Noah

Be ye fruitful and multiply

On the surface of the earth.

Chorus:  Harken to me (2ce)

Thou my Benevolent King. 

4.  Thou who nay the goat be barren,

Nay flying birds of the sky

Be merciful to Thine image 

Bless and fertilize my womb. 

Chorus:  Fertilize me (2ce)

Oh God of my destiny. 

5.  When l deeply contemplated 

l admit, Guilty I am

The canal path I have trodden 

Tribulations there I earn. 

Chorus:  Forgive me Lord (2ce)

Thou most gracious God divine.  Amen

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