HYMN 490

C.M.S 429 t.H.C 428 C.M (FE 516)

1.  FOUNTAIN of good Thy love to own 

     Our thankful hearts incline

     What can we render, Lord, to Thee 

     When all the world are Thine?

2.  But Thou hast needy brethren here 

     Partakers of Thy grace

     Whose humble name Thou wilt confess 

     Before God’s awful throne.

3.  In the sad accents of distress

     Thy pleading voice is heard

     In them mayst be clothed and fed 

     And visited, and cheered.

4.  Thy face with reverence and with love 

     We in Thy poor would see

     For, while we minister in them

     We do it, Lord, to the Thee.

5.  For Father, Son and Holy Ghost 

     Our God whom we profe-ss 

     Be Glory, Praise in the Highest 

     Wor-ld ever wi-th-out end.  Amen

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