HYMN 492

H.C. 527 D.C.M (FE 518)
"Thou art my hiding place" - Ps. 32:7
Tune:  My soul has found a reasting place

1.  THOU art my hiding-place, O Lord 

     In Thee I put my trust

     Encouraged by Thy holy word 

     A feeble child of dust

     l have no argument beside

     l urge no other plea

     And ‘tis enough my Saviour died 

     My Saviour died for me.

2.  When storms of fierce temptation beat 

     And furious foes assial

     My refuge is the mercy-seat

     My hope within the veil

     From strife of tongues and bitter words 

     My spirit flies to Thee

     Joy to my heart though I affords

     My Saviour died for me.

3.  'Midst trials heavy to be borne 

     When mortal strength is vain

     A heart with grief and anguish torn 

    A body rack'd with pain

    Ah! what could give the suff'rer rest

    l Bid every murmur flee,

    But this the witness in my breast 

     My Saviour died for me.

4.  And when Thy awful voice commands

    This body In decay 

     And life is last lingering sands

     is ebbing fast away

     Then, though it be an accents weak

     And faint and trembling be

     Oh give me strength in death to speak

     My Saviour died for me.  Amen 

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