HYMN 495

C.M.S 506 H.C 2nd Ed
457 t.H.C 528 L.M (FE 521)
“I cried unto the Lord with my voice 
He gave ear unto me“ - Ps.77:1

1.  O Lord my God, on Thee I'll call

      I am in pain, O hear my cry

      When floods of water o’er me roll 

      Forbide that my heart should retreat.

2.  Thou Lord art friend of the infirm

     To whom shall I make my complaint? 

     If not to Thee, and only Thee

     Who calls the miserable to Him.

3.  Who has e‘er wept to Thee in vain 

     Has Thou e‘er shunned anyone's cry 

     Art Thou not the One who promis'd 

     No one shall e‘er suck Thee in vain.

4.  This could have been my hearts sorrow 

     That Thou Lord does not answer pray‘r 

     But Thou has been answ‘ring my pray'rs

     O Lord, my helper Thou has been.

5.  I know I am needy and poor

     But Thou God will not me forget

     He, for whom Jesus ever plead

     He from his troubles all is free.  Amen

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