HYMN 496

C.M.S 584 t.H.C 318 C.M (FE 522)

1.  THE One who made the blind to see 

     And made the simple wise

     And He who the light created

     For all in darkness dwell.

2.  The One who can give strength and health 

     To the infirm and sick

     And He who can bring back to life

    The ones who once were dead.

3.  The One who deliverance bestow'd 

     And mixed him that did fall

     And changed the sorrow of today 

     To songs and Psalms of praise.

4.  Thou great physician of my  soul

     To Thee we our song raise

     For ever more, world without end

     Thine e’er will be the praise.  Amen

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