C.M.S 7, H.C. t.H.C 258 S.M. (FE 22)
"Evening and morning and at noon 
will I pray" - Ps. 55: 17

1.  COME to the morning prayer

     Come let us kneel and pray

     Prayer is the Christian Pilgrim‘s staff 

     To walk with God all day.

2.  At noon beneath the Rock
    Of Ages rest and pray
    Sweet is the shadow from the heart, 

    When the sun smiles by day.

3.  At eve shut to the door,

     Round the home-altar pray

     And findlng there the house of God 

     At heaven's gate close the day.

4.   When midnight seals our eyes, 

      Let each in Spirit say,

      I sleep, bul my heart waketh, Lord,

      With Thee to pray Watch and pray.  Amen

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