(FE 67) 7S3
"Cast me not away from thy precence and 
take not thy Holy Spirit from me - Ps. 1:11

1.  MERCIFUL Father Our God Forgive us

     As we kneel by Mercy seal Forgive us

     We chcrubim, Seraphim 

     We Children of Holy Band 

     We have sinned before thy throne 

     Forgive us.

2.  Jesus Christ Our Lord be near 

     Forgive us

     Redeemer of all the world Forgive us

     Ye who prayed the Father God 

     To forgive thine enemies

     On the Cross at Calvary Forgive us.

3.  Holy Spirit please draw nigh Forgive us

     All the sins we cummitted Forgive us

    Save us from all temptations 

    Be our Helper all our days 

    Let no cause make us regret Forgive us

4.  Holy Trinity draw nigh Forgive us

     The children and the grown ups 

     Forgive us


     Worshipful Father Our God 

    Forgive Cherub, Seraphim 

    Forgive us.  Amen

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