HYMN 506

H.C 123, 579 10s 11s
(FE 534)
Tune: “Aigbagbo bila”

1.  REJOICE Cherubim, Seraphim rejoice 

     For this sacred Band, Father offered us 

     Greater than the wisdom and the 

     thought of man

     Glory, praises, honour unto Trinity.

2.  Man have no impact on this sacred Band 

     Be of goodliness, victory thou shall earn 

     Nay, repose not thine trust upon man, but God 

     The Lord God Creator, thee not to forget.

3.  Witches have no impact on Seraph Band 

     Wizard have no im‐pact upon our Band 

     But act on the statutes commanded of God 

     Victory shall all be thine, now and ever more.

4.  Cherubs clarion call, but ignored of men 

     Seraphs clarion call, men yet doth keen not 

     Excuses are untenable on that day

     All men and the Angels shall be all involved.

5.  Almighty Father, harken to my prayers 

     May I follow Thee till the end of time

     Lest I be ashamed at the end of my life

     May the voice of commen-dation sound to me.

6.  Then we shall all rend, Halleluyah hymns 

     Before the great throne of Almighty God 

     Then Jesus Saviour will beam on us His light 

     May we never forbid everlasting life.

7.  Glory to Father, glory to the Son

     Glory to Holy Ghost, and Trinity 

      Though the depth of Thine mystery is 

     hid from man 

     We shall keep praising Thy name for 

     ever more.  Amen

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