HYMN 512

Tune: Nipa ife Olugbala, ki yo si nkan

1.  BE not afrightened, Seraphim 

     All must be well

     E‘en thought satan on us rages 

     All must be well

     Christ Jesus our Victor, Captain 

     Shall the host of satan destroy 

     Satan shall before Him fallen 

     All must be well.

2.   E’en though we trod valey of death 

      All must be well

      E’en though death attacks here and there

     All must be well

     Fear not members of Seraphim 

     March on as brave soldiers of Christ 

     Christ our captain the arrow-head 

     All must be well.

3.  Why? oh why art thou afrightened?

     Seraphim Band

     When jesus with us abiding

     All must be well

    Pray on, March on ever forward!

    The Cliff shall to plain be ravag'd 

    Evil shall not overwhelm us

     All must be well.

4.  Band of Seraphirn march onward 

     Amidst the fire

     Fire of Satan us not to harm

     So ever sure

     Victorious Shadrach and Meshach 

     Abednego in fire furnace

     Thus shall we in Jesus conquer 

     All must be well

5.  Rejoice ye Band of Seraphim

     All must be well

     Christ Jesus hath conquered satan 

     So ever sure

     Glory, honour to Christ our King 

     Us hath He redeemeth to life 

     Libration for us hath He gain 

     His ma-jes-ty.  Amen

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