HYMN 514

H.C 315 C.M (FE 539) 8686

1.  JESUS, the very thought of Thee 

     With sweetness fills the breast

     But sweeter far Thy face to see 

     And in Thy presence rest.

2.  Tongue never spake, ear never heard

     Never from heart o’erflow'd

     A dearer name, a sweeter word 

     Than Jesus, Son of God.

3.  O hope of every contrite heart 

     To penitents how kind

     To those who seek how good Thine art 

     But what to those who find?

4.  Ah, this no tongues can utter, this 

     No mortal page can show 

     The love of Jesus, what it is 

     None but His loved one knows.

5.  Jesus, our only joy be Thou 

     As Thou our prize wilt be; 

    Jesus, be Thou our glory now, 

    And through eternity.  Amen

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