HYMN 518

C.M.S 334 H.C 320 C.M (FE 543)
“A name which is above every name” 
- Phil. 2:9

1.  THERE is a name I love to hear 

     I love to sing its worth

     It sounds like music in mine ear 

     The sweetest name on earth.

2.  It tells me of the lamb of God 

     Who died to set me free

     It tells me of His precious blood 

     The sinner’s perfect plea.

3.  It tells me of a Father‘s smile

     Beaming upon His child

     It cheers me through this little while 

     Through, desert, waste, and wild.

4.  Jesus, the name I love so well

     The name I love to hear

     No saint on earth its worth can tell 

     No heart conceive how dear.

5.  This name shall shed its fragrance still 

     Along this thorny road

    Shall sweetly smooth the rugged hill 

     That leads me up to God.

6.  And there with all the blood-bought throng 

     From sin and sorrow free

     I'll sing the new eternal song

     Of Jesus' love to me.  Amen

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