HYMN 519

H.C 327 D.C.M (FE 544)
"We love Him, becasue He first loved us"
- 1Joh. 4:19

1.  WE love Thee, Lord; yet not alone,

     Because Thy bounteous hand 

     Showers down its rich and ceaseless gifts

     On ocean and on land

     We praise Thee, gracious Lord, for these

     yet not for these alone

     The incense of Thy children‘s love 

     Arises to Thy throne.

2.  We love Thee, Love because when we 

     Had err’d and gone astray

     Thou dist recall our wandering souls 

     Into the heavenward way

     When helpless, hopeless, we were lost 

     In sin and sorrow‘s night

     A guiding ray was granted us

     From Thy pure fount of light.

3.  Because, O Lord, Thou loved us

     With everlasting love

     And sentest forth Thy son to die

     That we might live above

     Because, when we were heirs of wrath 

     Thou gavest hopes of heaven

     We love because we much have sinn'd

     And much have been forgiven.  Amen

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