(FE 69) PM
“And hearken thou to the supplication"
- 1 Kings 8:30

1.  HOLY Father list pleading of Thy children

Worshipful Father Holy Trinity

List o list the sound o ye His praying band 

Worldly Seraph be ye in readiness.

Chorus:  Come o ye friends o come march with us 

Secretly behold Celestial throne

Where the SAVIOUR pray redemption 

Oh! Father be merciful.

2.  Father pleaded course for Fourty noble years 

For founding of this Holy Seraphim

Son supplicaled for forty noble years

For the founding of this holy Cherub.

Chorus:  Come o ye friends...

3.  Jehovah Jireh provide for all our needs 

Jehovah Nisi be near to hear us

Jehovah Shammah we are before Thee now, 

Trinity dispatch good message to us.

Chorus:  Come o ye friends...

4.  Oh! ye Choristers revive tender voices 

Sing Hallelujah to our gracious King 

Praying band march boldly o‘er all evil works 

Holy Spirit be our guide forever.

Chorus:  Come o ye friends...

5.  Oh ye Visioners in Holy Seraphim 

Be ye steadfast, evil spirit chasing 

Watchfull, lest wordly plea redraw you behind

Fear not, but be faithful unto the end. 

Chorus:  Come o ye friends...

6.  We sing praises to our heavenly Father 

Praises to His holy Son our Saviour

Glory to the Holy Ghost that e’er guide us 

All worthy praises to the Trinity.

Chorus:  Come o ye friends...  Amen

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