HYMN 520

O t.H.C. 53 I.M (FE 545)

1.  WE sing a song of Thy great love 

     Almighty and our glorious God 

     There’s nothing Thy power cannot Vide 

     Thy goodness endureth for aye.

2.  In love the world He created

     And man He made to dwell there in

     And have domnion over all 

     To our creator sing a song.

3.  Tenderly for us doth He care

     He feeds and all our needs provides 

     Without asking ought of our hand 

     Praise our God the giver of all.

4.  He finds us roaming in darkness 

     Not knowing how to worship Him 

     In His love He show’d us the way 

     Praise His name, our benefactor.

5.  In love Christ Jesus to us grant

     Christ, His only begotten Son

     He came us to redeem from sin

     We praise Thy great love, Saviour Lord.

6.  In love His word to us He sent 

     And oft Thy love open’d our ears 

     And establish’d us in the faith

     Sing His wonderful grace to us.

7.  Creation is full of Thy love

     Our God, King of the universe

     All join the chorus of His praise

     And sing of the love of our God.  Amen

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