HYMN 526

O.t.H.C. 60 7s (FE 551)

1.  JESUS Lord, we look to Thee 

     Grant our accord in Thy name

     Thou our gracious Prince of Peace 

     End all strife within our rank.

2.  By Thy making peace, O Lord 

     Take away all stumbling block 

     Let us be in one accord

     Make us all Thy good soldiers.

3.  Let us be in one accord

     Show mercy and love to all

     And be meek in heart and though 

     Like our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

4.  Let us be in one accord 

     Bearing another's burden 

     Show example to the flock 

     How believers ought to live.

5.  Let us put away anger

     And rest our hearts on the Lord 

    Speak of His love, deep and wide 

     And His high and holy life.  Amen

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