HYMN 527

C.M.S 345 O.S 57 8s 7. (FE 552)
"He who loveth God love his brother"
- 1John. 4:21

1.  BRETHREN let us walk together

     In love and the peace of God 

     Ought we to begin to question 

     Whether we should cease all strife 

     ln communion, sweet communion

     Will our love and joy increase.

2.  As we make our journey homeward 

     Let us help ourselves along

     Our foes encircle us around 

     Sources are laid out on our way

    Our duty is duty is 

     Each others burden to bear.

3.  When we think of what God has done 

     In forgiving o‘er and o’er

     Brethren ought we not tutored be 

     Striving should be set aside 

     Let us avoid let us avoid

     All the anger and the strife.

4.  Let us seek our brother's honour 

     More than we would seek our own 

     Let us leave all spoil and hatred 

     And our hearts be filled with love

     'Twill be sweeter, 'twill be sweeter 

    lf we‘re in oneness on earth.  Amen

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