HYMN 529

O.t.H.C 483 C.M (FE 554) 
"But the greatest of these is 
love" - 1Cor.13:13

1.  HAPPY the heart where graces reign 

     Where love inspires the breast 

     Love is the brightest of the train 

     And perfect all the rest.

2.  Cherubim in heaven above

     And Sacred Scraphim

     Around the Holy throne surround 

    Offering praises to God.

3.  Knowledge alas! tis all in vain

     And all in vain our fear

    Our stubborn sins will fight and reign 

    If love be absent there.

4.  Tis love that makes our cheerful feet 

     In swift obedience move

     The devil knew, and tremble too

     But Satan cannot love.

5.  This is the grace that lives and sings 

     When faith and hope shall cease

    Tis this shall strike our joyful strings 

    In the sweet realm of bliss.

6.  Before we quite forsake our clay 

     Or leave this dark abode

     The wings of love bear us away 

     To see our gracious God.

7.  Jehovah Nissi our Father 

     Claim us Thine all to be 

     Holy Spirit the sacred dove 

     Lead us, pathway of life.

8.  Jehovah Ruphy our Father 

     Strengthen our feeble frames

     May we in accord the Lord praise 

     As though the Saints above.  Amen

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