(FE 70) 8S7S
"Who is this King of GIory? The Lord of
host He is the King of Glory - Ps. 24:10

1.  Let us kneel for God of Glory 

     Who dwelleth in glorious Light 

     Who the eyes of sinners can't see 

     Forgive us, forgive us.

2.  All ye Cherubim Seraphim 

     All ye members of our Band 

     Repent all the Sins committed 

     Let us plead forgiveness.

3.  If we know that we are sinners 

     Confess all without reserve 

     Repent all and flee from our sins 

     Father will forgive us.

4.  Lack of love, the greatest of sin
     Amidst us though now we knee! 

     Satan against us war waging 

     Forgive us, Forgive us.

5.  In our manners and our movements 

     In the idle talks we make

     Despising our neighbours and friends

     Forgive us, forgive us.

6.  Vividly, to us visible

     Thou hath sent to us Thine Light

     Us to lead to divine pathway 

     Forgive us, Forgive us.

7.  Be it not for Thine great mercy 

     Thine Light before we access 

     Over Salon we are conq'rors 

     Forgive us, Forgive us.

8.  However hard satan may rage 

     Hence may we be not ingrates 

     The works of satan please destroy 

     Forgive us, forgive us.

9.  For the suffering of our Jesus 

     For the bloody sweat he made 

     In the garden of Getsemane 

     Forgive us, forgive us.

10.  We are grateful you have heard us 

       Give us grace to sin no more 

       Redeem and revive all of us

       To rejoice for ever more.  Amen

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