HYMN 536

t.H.C 18 C.M. (FE 562)

1.  BEHOLD how pleasant for brethren

     In unity to dwell

     Kits, Kins whose hearts in one accord 

     In fellowship with Thee.

2.  When stream of love from Christ doth flow 

     In every heart it glows

     The blissful peace of God that blows 

     Protects comfort and cares.

3.  Like precious balm and ointment sweet 

     On Aaron's beard that drop

     Floe'd on his skirt as for the scoop 

     Perfume’ry like the rose.

4.  Pleasant and cool like morning dew 

     That on Zion descends

     There God, His glory great reveal‘d 

     His loving grace bestow‘d.  Amen

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