HYMN 537

C.M.S 349 H.C 11s (FE 563) 
"My soul cleaveth onto the dust quicken
thou me according to thy word" Ps.119:25

1. MORE holiness give me, 

    more strivings within 

    More patience in suffering,

    more sorrow for sin,

    More faith in my Saviour,

    more sense of His care

    More joy in His Service, 

    more purpose in prayer.

2.  More gratitude give me,

     more trust in the Lord 

     More zeal for His glory,

     more hope in His word, 

     More tears for His sorrows,

     more pain for His grief

     More meekness in trial, 

     more praise for relief.

3.  More purity give me,

     more strength to o’er come

     More freedom from earth stains, 

     More longing for home

     More meet for Thy Kingdom,

     O Lord would I be More fruitfitl more 

     holy more Saviour, like Thee.  Amen

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