HYMN 543

H.C. 411 C.M. (FE 569)
"Jesus said, I am the way, the truth 
and the life" - John.14:6

1.  THOU art the Way: to Thee alone 

From sin and death we flee

And he who would the Father seek 

Must seek Him, Lord by Thee.

2.  Thou an the Truth, Thy word alone 

True wisdom can impart

Thou only canst inform the mind 

And purify the heart.

3.  Thou art the Life: the rending tomb 

Proclaims Thy conqu'ring arm

And those who put their trust in Thee 

Nor death nor hell shall harm.

4.  Thou art the Way, the Truth, the Life 

Grant us that Way to know

That Truth to keep, that Life to win 

Whose joys eternal flow.  Amen

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