HYMN 545

C.M.S 123 t.S 154. 8.7 (FE 571)
"For I know that in me dwelleth no 
good thing" - Rom. 7:18

1.  HEAV'NLY Father l want to be

     In holiness and In truth

     But the love of flesh attacks me 

     Deceiving me everyday.

2.  I am but a feeble creature

     In my spirit and body

     All my frequent sins committed 

     Now a burden press’d me down.

3.  There is one command in my heart 

     Which Thou inserted in me 

     For this reason I will follow

     Thy love and Thy holy laws.

4.  Even if I want to be good

     I will stray immediately

     Thy word is always good to me 

     But evil, I do always.

5.  Many times I permit my soul

     To satan for temptation

     Even though Thy word has warn'd me 

     To depart from all my sins.

6.  Father above, Thou and Just Thou 

     My salvation, Thy arm art

     Blessed Saviour hath Thou sendeth 

     To Him alone l' eleaveth.

7.  Lead Thou me with Holy Spirit

     To the new and wholesome path 

     Teach me, watch me and lead me on 

     Thou Spirit of Most High God.  Amen

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