HYMN 548

C.M.S 433 t.H.C 433 L.M (FE 574)
Tune: LM

1.  ALL the night, at the dusk of woe

     When hade erupteth in its strength 

     Unto Wonderful, Son of God

     Gift of victory against His foe.

2.  Ere commence His passton and strife 

     The bread He offereth, art though blessed 

     Thou who Thine work in all art love 

     Hark His word spoken art of grace.

3.  His sacred flesh offered for sin 

     Partake, oh, bread of life it be 

     The sacred wine He gavest thee 

     This art my covenant, my blood.

4.  This He commandeth do till aye

     In mem’ry of thy sacred friend 

     Whence thou shall meet, recall to thee 

     Thy departed God is but love.

5.  Christ Jesus Thy commands our Joy 

     Thine redemptive death, hymns reveal 

     Ere Thou cometh hither below 

     Supper we shall with Thee partake.  Amen

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