H.C. 305, 11s (FE 72)
“Give me ear O Shepherd of Israel"
- Ps. 80:1

1.  O GOD our creator,

     be near unto us

     We thy children are here 

     Gathered to praise thee 

     Send the Heavenly Seraph 

     And the Cherubim

     To congregate with us 

     Jointly worship thee.

2.  Blessful Father Bless us 

     We pray Thee this day

     Let our meeting this day, 

     Fruits of blessing bring 

     Let the children of Light 

     Who in darkness be 

     Quickly to the Light come,

     To get Salvation.

3.  All ye band of Seraph 

     And the Cherubim 

     Never, Never tired, 

     Never lazy be

     Raise the sword of victory 

     Jesus has conquered,

     By his mighty power

     We shall conquer too.

4.  Jesus our Redeemer, 

      Friend of the sinner 

      Let us thy will obey, 

      Pressing to thy way 

      Let us with our manner 

      Call others to come

      And give us love we pray, 

      In our midst O Lord.

5.  When the end shall come up, 

     Of the world we live

     And the whole world gathered,

     By thy Throne above

     Let us not be ashamed, 

     Let us Never weep

     Let we Seraph below

     Shout Hallelujah.  Amen

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