HYMN 552

C.M.S 572 H.C 589 L.M (FE 579)
“O God, of our salvation, who are the 
confidence of all the ends of earth,
and of them who are afar of upon 
the sea". - Ps.65:5

1.  ALMIGHTY Father, hear our cry

     As o‘er the traekless deep we roam 

     Be Thou our haven always nigh

     On homeless waters Thou our home.

2.  O Jesus, Saviour, at Whose Voice

     The tempest sank to perfect rest

     Bid Thou the mourner’s heart rejoice 

     And cleanse and calm the troubl’d breast.

3.  O Holy Ghost, beneath, Whose pow-'r 

     The ocean woke to life and light 

     Command Thy blessing in this hour 

     Thy fost‘ring warmth, Thy quick’ning night.

4.  Great God, Truine Jehovah, Thee 

     We love, we worship, we adore 

     Our Refuge on time’s changeful sea 

     Our Joy on Heav‘n Eternal shore.  Amen

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