HYMN 558

H.C 295 H.C 154 t.H.C 400 
C.M (FE 585)
Tune: CM Emi ba n’egberun ahon

1.  THANKS we offer unto the Lord 

     Fe‐li‐cita-te with me 

     For journey mercies I received 

     Thanks be to Thee oh Lord.

2.  Cherubim and the Seraphim

     Glory give to His name 

     To Him who this Band established 

     King of glory He is.

3.  Rejoice and chorus glorious hymns 

     To Jesus glorious King

     His name is spread all o’er the earth 

     He took me to and fro.

4.  Thanks is due unto Thee oh Lord 

     Thine protection on me

     Through and around the universe 

     To Thine name glory be.

5.  Proclaim Him all around the world 

     Come-on come-on my Lord

     Our Holy and Eternal King

     The sacred Trinity.

6.  Rend to Him glorious holy songs 

     Thanks be unto the Lord

     In peace we journeyed to and fro 

     I give thanks Lord to Thee.

7.  Shout unto Him Halleluyah

     To God of Cherubim 

     Shout unto Him Halleluyah

     To God of Seraphim.  Amen 

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