HYMN 564

O t.H.C 326 6.8s (FE 591)
Tune: 6s 8s “Ngo feran Re wo odi mo"

1.  SHEPHERD Christ Jesus will provide

     Witht green pastures He shall feed me 

     His blessed hands shall profer help 

     His eyes shall watch all over me 

     At dawn shall follow me about

     And shall protect me through the dusk.

2.  Whilst l was wandering all about 

     In all my wilderness journey

     To the peaceful plain, I He brought 

     My feet He led to the pathway 

     Beside the peaceful flowing stream 

     In the midst of greener pastures.

3.  E’en though I trod through the path way 

     In the dreadful valley of death

     I will never fear nor be fraught

     For Thou an ever with me be

     Thine rod and staff shall aid me to 

     Trod the valley of death unhurt.

4.  Aftermath weariness of strife 

     Thou set a table before me

     Thine goodness and mercy I found 

     Mine cup filleth, over runeth 

     Heavenly hope offer me Thou

     My eternal mansion above.  Amen

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