HYMN 568

H.C 164 t.H.C 323 C.Ms (FE 595)
"And Enoch walked with God"
 - Gen.5:24

1.  OH! for a closer walk with God 

     A calm and heavenly frame

     A light to shine upon the road 

     That leads me to the Lamb!

2.  Where is the wholesomeness I know 

     When first I saw the Lord? 

     Where is the soul-refreshing view 

     Of Jesus and his word?

3.  What peaceful hour I once enjoyed 

     How sweet their memory still

     But they have left an aching void 

     The world can never fill.

4.  Return O holy dove, return

     Sweet messenger of rest

     I hate the sins that made thee mourn 

     And drove Thee from my breast.

5.  The dearest I do I have kown 

     Whate'er that idol be

     Help me to tear it from Thy throne 

     And worship only Thee.

6.  So shall my walk be close with God 

     Calm and Serene my frame;

     So purer light shall mark the road 

     That leads me to the Lamb.  Amen

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