HYMN 576

H.C 354 S.M (FE 603)

1.  SOLDIERS of Christ arise

     And put your armour on

     Strong in the strength which God supplies 

     Through His eternal Son.

2.  Strong in the Lord of Hosts

    And in His mighty power

    Who in the strenght of Jesus trusts 

    Is more than conqueror.

3.  Stand then in His great might 

     With all His strenght endued

     But take, to arm you for the fight 

     The panoply of God.

4.  From strength to strength go on 

     Wrestle, and fight, and pray

     Tread all the powers of darkness down 

     And win the well-fought day.

5.  That, having all things done

     And all the conflicts past

     Ye may o’ercome through Christ alone 

     And stand entire at last.  Amen

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