HYMN 579

H.C 373 8s 7s (FE 606)

1.  THROUGH the night of doubt and sorrow 

     Onward goes the pilgrims band

     Singing songs of expectation 

     Marching to the promised land.

2.  Clear before us through the darkness 

     Gleams and burns the guiding light

     Brother clasps the hand of brother 

     Stepping fearless through the night.

3.  One the light of God’s own presence 

     O'er His ransonmed people shed 

     Chasing far the gloom and terror 

     Brightening all the path we tread.

4.  One the object of our journey 

     One the faith which never tires 

     One the earnest looking forward 

     One the hope our God inspires.

5.  One the strain that lips of thousand 

     Lift as from the heart of one

     One the conflict, one the peril

     One the march in God begun.

6.  One the gladness of rejoicing 

     On the far eternal shore

     Where the one almighty Father 

     Reigns in love for evermore.

7.  Onward therefore, pilgrim brothers 

     Onward with the Cross our aid! 

     Bear its shame, and fight its battle 

     Till we rest beneath its shade.

8.  Soon shall come the great awaking

     Soon the tending of the tomb

     Then the scattering of all shadows 

     And the end of toil and gloom.  Amen

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